Cyber Sensuality in the City

For its third exhibition – emerging artist’s gallery, Flux Gallery, is showcasing the multi-disciplinary work of twenty-five-year-old Nancy Nguyen.

Cyber Sensuality is Nguyen’s first solo exhibition.

Throughout her show, Nguyen uses the Internet as the catalyst to her creations.

“It’s about image-crafting my Internet identity by glorifying selfies through books and wall installations, to the point where people know and see too much,” says Nguyen.

The web has created platforms where sharing photos, personal and private thoughts and ideas has become ritual for people growing up as millennials and generation Z.

Exposure of those shared intimacies launched careers, broken down lives and created us to have the attention span of 8.25 seconds – same as a gold fish.

Nguyen has created a slowed down – almost memorialized – version of the Internet in her show.

“I’m using graphic design and books as an art medium to evoke visual information rather than textual information and demonstrating the Internet through permanent forms like paper,” says Nguyen.


I sat down with the artist in the midst of her installation – she was still painting, sanding and putting up shelves.

We talked about her show, the ideas behind it, and her parents’ reaction to her provocative pieces.


Cyber Sensuality will be on from April 22 – 28, 2016.
Opening reception Friday, April 22 from 7 – 9.
2-290 McDermot Ave. inside Ace Art Inc. Gallery


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